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Friday, 18 May 2012


Nicola Barranger

Hello David,
I'm not sure I have the same tenacity as Jeremy Richards, mentioned in your blog, who eventually received a VAT from Apple, but I'm in the same position as regards Amazon and their e-books on Kindle.
They insist that unlike ordinary books, they need to charge VAT on e-books, however these "are for personal use only" and so refuse to offer a VAT receipt.
I've asked and failed several times, but need to try again since books for me are part of my work. Personal use or not, if a client requests a VAT receipt the supplier must produce one. I suspect it's something to do with being based in Luxembourg and sourcing materials from different countries perhaps.
Either way REALLY REALLY annoying.. I'm not saving masses here, but every VAT receipt helps.

Meanwhile - hope business is thriving!
Best wishes
Nicky Barranger

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